RON & RICH brings contemporary classic tailoring to anyone who hopes to look and feel their best. Your Journey With Us
At Ron & Rich, we strive to understand the style and preference of our clients from all walks of life, and the key to doing so is to forge a long-standing relationship - be it a shirt, trousers or a suit, every garment made for you matters

We want you to feel confident and comfortable in your dressing. We specialise in crafting a fit that is timeless and suave. This can be achieved across our range of styles – be it casual, formal, or a blend of both.

We will walk you through the nuances of each fabric, and intricacies of each detail that goes into the design of your garment. This makes the process simpler and more enjoyable.

Our Passion

We want every piece to be unique to you. Every piece made should have its unique style and flair, that fits its purpose and occasion.